Quality is part of everyone’s responsibility – but it’s particularly important for those in management and leadership positions to lead the way. The problem is that most people in EMS, including those with ‘quality’ in their job titles, have not had much if any significant training in quality management. While there are some courses out there on EMS quality, they are few and far between and some of them cost several thousands of dollars to attend by the time you figure in registration, travel, hotel and per diem costs to attend. Other ‘generic’ quality management classes are available, but the content and examples can be difficult to relate back to EMS if you have not had any prior training.

Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your education and professional development with quality management classes specifically designed for EMS professionals.

EMS Quality Collaborative

PRE-REGISTRATIONS OPENING SOON – If you’re interested in taking your knowledge, professional development, and project work in EMS quality up a few notches, consider joining the EMS Quality Collaborative – an online study group and community of practice for quality managers, medical directors, and others interested in EMS quality. This is where you can come to continue your quality management education; accelerate your professional growth; share ideas and resources; and discover opportunities for QI project collaboration. More information…

Introduction to EMS Quality Management

IN DEVELOPMENT – This class is designed to help get a jump start if you’re new or have not had any significant formal training in quality management. It covers the general roles, responsibilities of EMS quality managers and those responsible for quality in their functional area of an EMS organization. This is all designed to help get your journey in EMS quality off to a great start.

Basic Tools for EMS Quality Management

IN DEVELOPMENT – The course provides a ‘starter set’ of commonly used improvement project tools. The tools come with the some hands-on exercises based on real EMS challenges.

Fundamentals of EMS Quality Management

IN DEVELOPMENT – Taking up where the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Basic Tools’ classes left off, the ‘Fundamentals’ class will go deep into several key technical and cultural issues that anyone working to improve quality must grapple with. Several new tools and techniques will also be introduced. The discussions of theory and concepts will then be translated into practical action with a hands-on exercise in quality assurance and improvement of CPR quality.

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Intermediate EMS Quality Management


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Advanced Tools and Concepts in EMS Quality